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Professional Coaching

Are you sacrificing the wellbeing and performance of your people?

Tight deadlines. Overwhelming workload. Fast turnarounds coupled with increasing pressure for you to meet client expectations. But are your people burnt out and barely taking a moment to breathe between projects? Are you providing your people with adequate support? Or – in keeping up with demand – are you sacrificing the wellbeing and performance of your team?


With the ever-increasing speed required to deliver projects, people feel the constant pressure to stay engaged and motivated. But there’s no time for them to grow. If you don’t act now, your people will stay stagnant or eventually leave. So, you need to make changes for your people and business to thrive.


We’ve seen what’s good, what’s bad and what works. People’s attitudes towards the workplace have shifted, and people want to for a company where they feel valued. To hold on to your talented people you need to promote self-development and self-care. But how do you upskill your people when there’s a constant influx of work and a lack of time?


Done right, coaching creates a learning experience that is timely and effective. Through Safe Space, your people choose when and how they want to be coached. 30–45 minute sessions are delivered in a way that reflects the fast-paced nature of the workplace today. 


In-person or remotely, Safe Space coaching is entirely confidential so that they can truly open up about what’s going on for them. Be it professional struggles or a personal development goal, each session is tailored to each individual, blending personal and professional development with proactive mental wellbeing support and self-care.

Meet The Experts

Dani Hakim
Co-founder | Health & Wellbeing Coach
Leanne Sherlock
Co-founder | Business & Personal Coach
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